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In times of crisis,

we discover who we are

+ Explore

Online 1-on-1

1h consultation

Every Friday 

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Explore Your Dreams

Take Action

In times of crisis we find out who we are - Limitation of movement, doesn't mean we shouldn't act.  It is in doing that we find meaning. Rolling up our sleeves and diving in a journey of making-it-happen, whatever that means for Us.


A project, an idea, a business, a campaign. An itch. During these times I've decided to go looking for those kindred spirits, dreamers and doers, that want to meet for a match, need an extra push, support, or even just inspiration.

A dream buddy. 


The world has changed in ways we cannot yet fully comprehend. And probably so have you.


If you're ready to explore where this phase is taking you, book a 'Dream intake' - that's 45 minutes of getting to know each other, sharing what lays in your heart, so that we can explore the soil where you want to found your next endeavour. There's one condition - you need to make 1 ask. Define and know what you want! Even if you don't know, start with one question that you have for yourself, start with the first question. Fill it in here and plan a call.


Book a chat with me if

  • You're thinking of re-inventing yourself/business

  • You want to start your Freelance career

  • You're looking for a project/job/gig


    Validate a business idea or project

  • Looking for inspiration, advice, ideas, tips & tricks


  • Looking to make a plan that'll make the dream work

  • Re-organize, find the right people to plan, launch and manage a project

  • Need a kick in the butt

  • Want to pick my brain

  • Have a challenge and don't know how to go about it

  • Need help with something very specific (marketing, website, campaigns, digital stuff, etc.)

  • ...

​You'll get:

A lot of questions asked, and you can do all the talking / Tips & Tricks / New ideas / A poleposition audit / A Dream-scan / An Action Plan 

You'll get: 

A bunch of questions asked, and you can do all the talking! / I'll be all ears / Guidance in taking next steps / Tips & Tricks / Relevant information / you will understand / you will be inspired / ... 

About me & my dreams

My name is Era, founder of AngLe Agency. 

My passion and dream has always been helping people to achieve. As a marketeer and entrepreneur, I translate dreams into action. 

I believe

> In collaboration and dream teams 

> Sharing as the best way to create more value

> Stories and actions

> I believe in being fearless  

Dreams I'm acting on:

* We all do work that we love

* We built healthy life-styles that elevate our spirits and souls

* We approach life as art 

* We make art

* We create 

* We grow 

* We change each other's lives

* We share and collaborate

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Take action on your dreams today.

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