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Digital hybrid Marketing

Leverage your hybrid investment and

multiply the benefits

trained new employee AND optimized marketing processes & production! 

We optimize your  marketing resources with the 3+ Hire Plan


Outsourcing marketing generally comes with a high risk and price tag while finding perfect-fit talent is ever more challenging and time-consuming.


Our 3+ Hire Plan is your personalized journey to build and optimize marketing production while onboarding your future employees.  

You invest once and in 3 months get twice the value: a trained professional ánd an integrated marketing system.

What is the

Digital Hybrid Marketing model?


Hybrid Marketing Model


  • Marketing & HR needs of clients

  • Agency service and efficiency & in-house reliability

  • Employee onboarding & the execution of your projects

  • Agile methodologies & operational efficiency

Why choose this model?

The Digital Hybrid Marketing Plan is a collaborative initiative by AngLe Agency to bridge different business needs and resources. Companies get hands-on service while creating a relationship with a pool of young high potential interns.

Our package combines an agile project-focused approach and proven methodologies. We put our dedication and experience to prepare the interns for real-world challenges and train them to be your next marketing experts. We are proactive in our actions to maximize your investment and efforts.

Low Risk

The model is budget-friendly and low risk. Including time effective.


Enrollment process 

Through our hybrid model, 3+ Hire plan we combine the benefits of agency methodology and efficiency with inhouse talent, by shortening the time for hiring and onboarding.


Your investment timeline

Step 1

Week 1-3


We  start with an in-depth analysis of your goals and current digital performance. We  personalize your needs and aim to create the most optimal marketing strategy.

Stripe and Spheres

Step 2

Week 4


 We think through each detail of your future marketing system. We work on matching the best candidate who is the most suitable for your company. Each intern will have his own project.

Step 3

Week 5

Onboarding & roadmap

We brief  the roadmap of your new marketing journey and introduce your new team member. We are happy to answer all questions and resolve any doubts.


Step 4

2 months+


We execute the project.  Our matched candidate start to work  on setting up the marketing system while getting to know you and the team.


Happy Client

Win-win situation!

The new candidate will be ready to be integrated into your team, without worrying if he's a good match, or if you have enough time to onboard him.

Meet the team

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AngLe Founder & Digital Project Coach

"Through our hybrid model, we combine the benefits of agency work and efficiency with inhouse talent while shortening the time for hiring and onboarding. 

By offering a 3 months service collaboration platform, we make this choice irrelevant, mitigate the risks, create added value, and boost growth from different angles. "

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Philin Supisara K.

Digital Marketing Intern

"This model is different from the normal interim program. With this unique model, companies can effectively invest in resources and manage time wisely. Sit back and relax. In the end, they will get the matching candidate they are looking for, without a guessing game!"

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Daria Mulikova

Digital Marketing Intern

"Oftentimes there might be a mismatch between employer and employee. By starting the program in a guided way with the agency, both client and candidate get time to get acquainted and build the relationship."


Sam Van Reepingen

Digital Marketing Intern

"Relying on the agency team and resources to set up marketing support for a new client is not only a huge  benefit for me, but it's also very interesting for the client  since it promotes an optimal internal & external resource activation."

Different AngLe

AngLe is an innovative, cutting-edge boutique agency, promoting change, growth, and digital transformation. 

We strive for symbiotic change in companies and promote intelligent decisions. 

We want to create value from an eco-system perspective and promote hyper-learning for individuals and organizations as a strategy for the future. 

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