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A new era of subscription-based marketing model

The subscription business model has started to attract more attention from business owners that seek to accelerate and improve their growth. With the big media companies like Netflix and Spotify at the forefront, we’ve just seen the beginning of it. Maybe even you’ve already been wondering if you should look at this model as a way to re-invent your revenue streams. In any case, we’ve decided to ride that wave, and have spent the last couple of months extracting our expertise, experience, and knowledge to design a new marketing subscription service.

What is subscription marketing?

Subscription marketing is several bundles of pre-defined marketing services that are offered for a fixed price per month. The service model is easily adaptable to each client’s situation. The client keeps the flexibility to prolonged access to the marketing services and could choose the bundle that is the most suitable for ongoing projects and tasks.

Our young change-oriented agency synthesized our experience and expertise to offer professional, consistent, and affordable services. We’re very proud to launch our newest subscription model for marketing services, designed to match the needs of small and medium businesses. Our agency wants to contribute to easing the post-pandemic transition and help the companies to become agile with their operations. Here are even more reasons why we have designed our marketing subscription model and why you should adopt it.

1. Clear, predictable, and transparent offer

For young companies, investing in marketing activities comes with a struggle to see proportional results. Creating a marketing system on a rolling basis brings about accumulative efforts and a thoughtful marketing approach.

This new model provides clear expectations for our agency as well as the customer. Both parties know what is coming and what the customers are going to get out of the subscription packages. Clear directions give an opportunity to create content that is authentic and valuable to the brand. Pre-defined KPIs and timeline can help clients to make realistic budget forecasts in a more structured and reliable manner.

Moreover, the price range is based on the customers’ needs to have affordable, reliable, and intuitive service. We work when your budget is limited or fixed each month.

2. Consistent and Continuous

Each brand’s effort to maintain consistency and continuity of online presence contributes to the long term return and success. How do we make it happen?

1. We support your brand communication with a consistent tone of voice and style.

2. We lower the initial investment to set up online channel management to ensure marketing continuity

Our goal is to assist you in setting your marketing procedures and make sure the ball keeps rolling to gain momentum and harvest return on your activities. We take care of content, publications, promotion campaigns, and planning. Our delivery and other services are optimized to save time, cost, and effort.

3. Enhanced knowledge sharing

There’s a lot of knowledge sharing taking place when collaborating with clients on content creation. The same goes when streamlining operational marketing processes. A clear structure is a core to our approach, so we take small yet confident steps towards an integrated collaboration with clients’ stakeholders (employee ambassadors, sales, and HR). This lays a stable foundation for our consistent growth with your company’s needs.

By sharing with the client our knowledge on how to build an internal marketing machine, we ensure that our customers follow the best practices and agile methodologies. We aim to evolve marketing efforts and investment, in proportion to the growth and changes in your company.

4. Flexible and dynamic

SMEs would benefit from leveraging the flexibility of the subscription marketing model. The speed-up of decision making that comes from a dedicated attached team to stand by you in achieving your business goals. With clear KPIs and result-oriented focus, it becomes a self-functioning set of procedures.

Successful business coordination is sourced from the effective distribution of efforts and resources. To keep the focus of crucial business tasks and strategies, offshoring and on-demand low-cost production come as a handy tool to generate value in the best possible way.

There’s nothing revolutionary new in this model, except the combination of different agile methodologies and operational approaches. Considering how technology is evolving, and the ever more automated processes of marketing, companies that will find a way to align these innovations and ways of working, have a better chance at developing sustainable growth. AngLe Agency has developed a few subscription formulas suitable for different marketing needs. We call this your internal marketing lab, as we like to create the best marketing formula for your brand.

Increase your productivity by redirecting and optimizing your resources and let our agency push you forward. Get in touch today.


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