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A hybrid digital solution for COVID-19 challenged companies

Wondering how to make the best of your marketing investments during COVID-19? Chances are, like us, you’re in full adaptation at the moment due to the new business challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed. As a new, cutting-edge agency, we pride ourselves on being adaptable, digital, and agile at responding to market trends in general, as well as our clientele’s markets. We took a look at how we could keep doing that except more efficiently, from a moving train, and in a COVID-proof manner. Taking current challenges that SMEs are facing into account, we’ve created a new offering where your communication can grow without taking any huge risks right away.

Some things never change

Even though cost-cutting and budget control are phrases everyone gets tired of hearing, they hold ever true for management.

In order to reduce costs, companies often have internal employees take on marketing, as a side-activity, without putting a marketing system or any established processes in place. Consequently, other things get prioritised and properly establishing marketing processes is more likely to be disregarded.

However, we've seen that companies who already have processes in place, and are looking for talents or skills to add to their team, are the ones who best take advantage of digital acceleration to grow their businesses. The companies that imprint and exert themselves online are the ones that thrive.

Despite the current times being uncertain and challenging, they bring new opportunities. Therefore, it makes sense for companies to be more flexible and agile, and to adapt their services to any arising needs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were not prepared to adapt and allocate their budget and resources effectively. But stepping back now, and not taking any further action, isn't the best way to go.

To better serve our clients in this context we thought of ways to boost the business ecosystem by designing a solution which efficiently integrates needs and supplies (in terms of marketing resources and stakeholders). The result is what we called Digital Hybrid Marketing, a value-driven service that answers both human resources and marketing needs.

Optimised resources and multiplied benefits

The Digital Hybrid plan consists of 6 benefits for your company and stakeholders. It is a win-win-win solution that benefits all parties!

1. Lowest risk for uncertain times

By entrusting the agency to carry out your marketing projects, you are not taking the risks that you would when hiring an employee.

We’re bound to high quality delivery, and you’re not constrained by social employer terms. Once you decide to hire the candidate, you’ll already have a good view of his/her skills and added value for your company.

2. Accelerate your growth

Our Digital Hybrid model allows you to grow your company two-fold: by accelerating the speed of project realisation through working with our agency, while growing your internal team.

3. Integrated marketing approach

We connect and synergise your most valuable stakeholders, HR, and sales & marketing functions. At the same time, we coordinate your internal communication, and take care of communication with your external stakeholders via online channels.

4. Future-proof and agile

Agile management and operation are at our core. The future is adaptability and flexibility. We learned from the uncertain situation at hand that the companies who survive are the ones that best adapt to internal and external change and are flexible enough to do so.

5. Ensure business continuity

You don’t need to compromise existing management and activities. The model ensures uninterrupted processes in order to keep adapting and driving growth.

6. Optimise time & costs

The hiring process can be long and slow, and there’s a chance that you’ll still end up with the wrong hire. In contrast, we can effectively reduce this to more or less 3 months to set up, provide you with someone who will immediately bring value to the team, as well as get projects going in the meantime.

3+ Hire model - How will it work for you?

The Hybrid model was designed for companies that want to optimise hiring time and want to start right away with solving urgent marketing needs, all while investing in a potential candidate. It is a model that leverages your investment in one process while getting twice the benefits; that is, setting up marketing campaigns/activities whilst recruiting a well-trained employee to your team.

If you’re wanting to get to work, without taking too much risk, here’s how it would look for you.

We would sit together and define your priorities in terms of marketing, sales, and communications for the upcoming 3 months. In other words, we would scope and budget a project that would generate the most value from your investment in the 3-month period. Thanks to our broad network, skilled resources, and temporary teams we can deliver complex digital projects.

An intern/high potential would be included from the very beginning and would get to know your needs, as well as assess the company culture and functioning.

The agency will oversee, execute and deliver the project, while the assigned person will be engaged first-hand while being trained by the agency.

These trainings include project management, content creation, goal setting etc, with a special focus on the needed skills for your project.

After the 3 months, we will have a general assessment of the collaboration with our agency as well as an evaluation of the marketing candidate who you then have priority to hire.

The end result is that you’ll have implemented the marketing projects you needed, while the AngLe candidate is trained, on-boarded, and ready to add value to the team that they will continue working for as an employee.

If this sounds interesting, have a look at the offering on this page, and get in touch with us. Hurry, we only have a limited number of candidates available!

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