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The Angle Talent Development Program: Graduates share their experience

The first edition of the AngLe Internship program is coming to an end. Three intense months filled with training, teaching, and on-project experience. Daria and Sam completed this program with flying colors. Are you curious to hear how they experienced these months? Below Daria & Sam share a bit about themselves, the lessons learned from the program, and what motivates them. Read their interviews!

Can you introduce yourself in 3 sentences?

Daria: My name is Daria and I’m a young digital professional. When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. Now, I grew up, and want to teach the companies how to use digital tools and techniques to grow and develop their business.

Sam: I’m Sam, a 24-year old guy from Belgium who wants to make it in the wonderful world of marketing. I’m mostly into creation and analytics but outside the working hours, it’s all about sports and music for me. I don’t like to talk about myself much, so this is all the introduction you get.

What are the main benefits of the AngLe Talent program?

Daria: You perform the impactful tasks from the very first day. It’s an opportunity to dive into the marketing world and feel the thrill of real responsibilities that comes with the gratification of likes and new followers.

This program also enables the constant rotation of functions between team members. It’s an essential factor for a young professional who is still in the process of defining his/her interests and career directions. As a bonus, working in a small team always makes you feel remarked and appreciated. It feels good to understand that each of your actions moves the team towards the desired goal.

Sam: First of all, the on-project experience you get is a huge benefit. You get to manage a project under the supervision of the project manager. You gain experience from just doing it as well as from the feedback you get from the supervisor. That way you learn to work with clients and get insights on how to improve your own work.

Secondly, the academies are a great way to meet the world of marketing. Experts in their field passing knowledge on different areas of marketing is a real added value to the internship.

What is the main lesson you learned during the internship?

Daria: When you work in a small team, you tend to see the immediate value of each member. Everyone is heard and remarked. This helps to appreciate each opinion, helping hand, or feedback. You learn to attentively listen to each other.

This human connection is very important when it comes to working with a complex and multi-tasked activity as marketing. You learn that the true value of an individual person is defined by the ability to work together.

Sam: The main lesson is to continue and try. It’s the only effective way to learn. It can be applied in a lot of situations, try out different posting strategies to learn about the metrics or different content, to learn what works the best. Also, in your life, try out different stuff and see what really works.

What would you advise the next generation of AngLe interns?

Daria: Pay attention to the world! To be on top with the marketing strategies, you need to collect ideas all around you. You’ll find tons of inspiration if you carefully look around. Be attentive to the content that attracts you and your friends/family. Remember the bad marketing campaigns that everyone talked about. Read the news to stay up-to-date with topics people care about.

Sam: Challenge yourself. You can get so much out of this program, but it all starts with your intentions.

Your ultimate motivation quote

Daria: How it was in the famous Queens’ song: “the show must go on!”

Sam: “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

The quote comes from the almighty Michael Jordan, the best man to ever step on a basketball court. He did not achieve that just because of his talent, but because of all the work, he put in.

We are sad to say goodbye and also happy to see how Sam and Daria grow in their new professional journey. It was a valuable experience for every one filled with laughs, deadlines, great content, and joyful memories!

Do you want to join the AngLe Internship Program? Get in touch!

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